Floating Dock Safety With Fender & Fire Fighting accessories
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Floating Dock Safety With Fender & Fire Fighting accessories

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Floating Dock Safety With Fender & Fire Fighting accessories

Floating dock safety

Floating dock safety is important. We usually use fender and fire safety accessories to protect it.

1. Fender protection: the function of anti collision equipment is to partially absorb the huge impact energy generated when the boat is approaching the wharf, so as to reduce the impact force on the wharf and prevent the collision and wear between the ship and the wharf. Therefore, the anti impact equipment must have enough strength, elasticity and wear resistance, and have a certain durability, as well as easy to dismantle, replace and repair.

The main type of anti collision equipment is fender. There are wooden fender and rubber fender. Wooden fender is made of tough, elastic and corrosion-resistant wood according to its material. Due to the characteristics of wood, its anti-collision effect is not ideal. With the large-scale ship and the construction of open wharf, the collision energy generated when the ship approaches the wharf is more and more large. In order to reduce the impact force on the wharf, rubber fender is used more and more widely.

At present, there are two main types of rubber fender: compression type and inflation type. The former has its own compression and shape change after being stressed, while the latter is mainly internal gas compression. At present, the former is widely used.

There are four types of rubber fenders commonly used: cylinder type, semicircle type, arch type and drum type, and so on.

2. Fire safety accessories: The inner diameter of the fire water pipe shall meet the water output of the required water column, which shall not be less than 50 mm. The fire water pipe can also be used for washing the wharf and spraying water in addition to water delivery during fire fighting.

The number and arrangement of fire hydrants on the wharf shall meet the design requirements of the fire department. Each fire hydrant shall be composed of an internal buckle joint, a stop valve and a protective cover suitable for connecting the fire belt. Internal buckle type joints and stop valves shall be made of copper alloy or other fire-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials. Fire hose and water gun shall be made of canvas or other suitable materials. Dangerous goods terminals should be equipped with spray water guns or water and spray dual-purpose water guns.

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