How To Launch Caisson By Airbags
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How To Launch Caisson By Airbags

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How To Launch Caisson By Airbags

1. Place rolling air bag under the caisson;

2. Install the steel cable at the front end of the caisson, install the steel cable on the winch, and start the winch to move the caisson;

3. Move the air bag to the front of the caisson and roll the caisson into the water from time to time;

4. In the water, the rolling airbag is fixed at the bottom of the water through the quick connector. When rolling the caisson, release the quick connector and transport the caisson

5. Float the caisson firmly, and then drag the caisson to the designated water surface. By using the construction method of air bag transferring caissons into water, transferring caissons to the designated position in water, it greatly saves engineering cost.


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