Differences between Life boat & Rescue boat
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Differences between Life boat & Rescue boat

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Differences between Life boat & Rescue boat

The lifeboat is usually rigid hull, flame retardant or incombustible material, and shall have sufficient strength to be able to land and be towed when the ship is moving at a speed of 5kn in calm water. Seats shall be provided on horizontal seat boards and their positions shall be clearly marked.

The rescue boat is rigid or inflatable structure, or a combination of the two. The length of the rescue boat should be greater than 3.8m and less than 8.5m. It can carry at least five people sitting and one lying on a stretcher. Each rescue boat shall be equipped with sufficient fuel oil, which can adapt to all temperature changes in the sea area where the ship is expected to operate, and be able to keep sailing at a speed of 6kn for at least 4 hours when the rescue boat is fully loaded with passengers and accessories. It shall have sufficient maneuverability and maneuverability in waves to rescue people from the water, assemble life rafts, and tow the largest life raft equipped with full capacity of all passengers and accessories or equivalent weight at a speed of at least 2 knots. The engine of rescue boat can be inboard or outboard.

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