Differences between steel dredging pipe and PE dredging pipe
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Differences between steel dredging pipe and PE dredging pipe

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Differences between steel dredging pipe and PE dredging pipe

Steel dredging pipe is a kind of steel pipe mainly used to clean up and transport sediment, mud and other mixed sundries. Dredging pipe is to dredge, widen or digging deep water areas such as rivers and lakes, and use manpower or machinery for underwater earthwork excavation. Manual excavation is only applicable to small rivers with construction of cut-off flow. All kinds of dredgers are widely used in mechanical construction, and sometimes land construction machinery such as cable shovel is also used.  



Steel dredging pipe is widely used in beach, urban environmental protection, engineering construction and other fields.


1 The dredger, according to the working principle and the earth material transportation mode, is divided into mechanical type and hydraulic type. The mechanical dredger uses the bucket or shovel to dig and lift the soil directly from the water, including chain bucket, grab bucket, bucket, bucket wheel, etc. The hydraulic dredger uses high-pressure water to wash the mud or cut the mud with the cutter or rake head, and then uses the mud pump to pump the mud, which is transported and discharged through the dredging steel pipe, also known as the suction dredger, including cutter suction, rake suction, no cutter, pneumatic, etc. Dredgers are divided into self-propelled and non self-propelled types, and non self-propelled types need tugboat hauling.

2 Water operation ships, such as survey ship, crane ship, drilling and blasting ship, anchor ship, etc.

3 Auxiliary ships, including tugs, oil barges, fresh water barges and other supply ships, mud barges, barges and life boats.

4 Pontoons, pipelines and other supporting equipment. When selecting dredging equipment, the main dredger shall be selected first, and then other auxiliary vessels shall be equipped to form a dredging fleet. However, due to the poor corrosion resistance, inconvenient construction and short service life of the dredged steel pipe, the PE dredged pipe is widely used at present. The PE dredging pipe is made of high-density polyethylene material, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear resistance and long service life.  


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