How To Repair The Broken Marine Airbag
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How To Repair The Broken Marine Airbag

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How To Repair The Broken Marine Airbag

Air bag repair method: the damage of marine air bag can be generally divided into longitudinal crack, transverse crack and nail hole.

1) Mark out the repair scope as the boundary of polished surface. The repair scope shall be extended around the crack, and no hidden damage shall be missed.

2) Polish the surface of the repaired part until the fiber line is exposed, but do not damage the fiber line.

3) For those long cracks, cord suture shall be used first. The distance between the needle hole and the crack is about 2-3cm, and the distance between the needles is about 10cm.

4) Clean the surface which is to be repaired with gasoline and dry it.

5) Apply a layer of glue. Mucilage is made from raw rubber and soaked in gasoline.

6) Seal the crack with a piece of raw rubber that has a thickness of 1mm and a width of 1cm larger than the crack.

7) Brush the gasoline once and dry it.


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