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Lifeboat Safety

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Lifeboat Safety

Lifeboat is an important survival guarantee for crew in distress at sea. So life boat safety is very important.

1) The lifeboat shall be lifted and lowered strictly. Avoid from the place under the boat and the place where the wire of the davit which may be thrown back to hurt people once it is broken.

2) Secondly, while still sailing, the captain should properly know when to release the boat, and only when the remaining speed is not large can the boat be released into the water.

3) In general, the boat shall be set out at the leeward side of the large ship, with the ship leaning 20 ° - 30 ° to the top wave, and the course shall be stable. After the lifeboat is put to the water surface, the boat hook shall be removed quickly.

4) When the ship is static, it should release the front hook and rear hook as much as possible. When there is a speed, the front hook shall not be taken off first. But at present, most lifeboats are equipped with linkage unhooking device. Pull the unhooking device after landing, and the hook of the bow and stern davits will be released at the same time.

5) The lifeboat shall be equipped with bumpers when landing and supported by boat poles to prevent collision between the boat and the big boat.

6) After unhooking, the pulley under the davit cable shall be tightened in time to prevent it from shaking and hurting people.

7) The boat engine of the motor lifeboat shall be started before falling into the water, and it shall leave the ship immediately after taking off the hook.


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