Marine Bollard Tightness Maintenance
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Marine Bollard Tightness Maintenance

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Marine Bollard Tightness Maintenance

Marine bollards are used in many occasions at sea. We install them on the deck and recycle the cables. Marine Bollard Tightness Maintenance work is very important as bellow.  

1. Marine bollard cleaning

In the process of maintenance, because the bollard is generally used in ships with sea water, and it is possible to parasitize some shellfish and microorganisms, so it is necessary to clean the bollards.

2. Marine bollard lubrication

In order to ensure the smoothness of the device in the recovery and the release of cables, during the use of the bollard, it is necessary to pay attention to the lubrication in the maintenance, especially the preparation of special offshore lubricating oil, which is very necessary to reduce the wear of the device in the recovery of cables.

3. Marine bollard reinforcement

In the process of using the cable pile, it will be pulled continuously; resulting in the long-term tension of the device in the process, and the possibility of being pulled loose is very big. It is necessary to pay attention to the requirements on reinforcement, pay attention to regularly check the tightness, and ensure the stability.

The above are very important for the safety and stability of the marine bollards in use.

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