Marine Pneumatic Rubber Fender Rubber Categories
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Marine Pneumatic Rubber Fender Rubber Categories

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Marine Pneumatic Rubber Fender Rubber Categories

1. The rubbers commonly used in the market include pure natural rubber and natural rubber which contain recycled rubber.

2. The best rubber is Thailand No.3 tobacco rubber, and the rubber content of inflatable rubber fender is more than 50%.

3. There are three kinds of rubber in the process of making rubber fender inflatable ball: inner rubber, cord rubber and outer rubber.

4. Vietnam 3L natural rubber with rubber content of 67% is generally used as inner layer rubber.

Why Vietnam 3L rubber is used)? Because the properties of natural rubber are different,Vietnam 3L is superior to other rubbers in density and tensile properties. It's the best material for inner tube, but it's not suitable for outer layer.

5. The cord glue is the same as the one used on the airbag.

6. Outer glue: General outer glue is added with neoprene glue and other chemical reagents on the basis of cord glue.

Ensure that the rubber has acid resistance, alkali resistance, seawater corrosion resistance and anti-aging performance.

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