Marine Pneumatic Rubber Fender Size
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Marine Pneumatic Rubber Fender Size

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Marine Pneumatic Rubber Fender Size

Marine pneumatic rubber fender size

To choose a marine pneumatic rubber fender, you must first understand the ship's type, deadweight tonnage, operating sea environment, and ship length. Marine pneumatic rubber fenders are the most popular marine fender products today. The compressed air is used as a buffer medium, so that the ship has a softer and more hindered effect when it is on the board, and has a large impact energy absorption, low area pressure acting on the ship, and impact fatigue resistance. It is widely used in large oil tankers, liquefied gas tankers, chemical tankers, land platforms, large docks, sea facilities, etc. And the size ranges from 0.8m×6.5m, and the very prominent appearance feature is that the outer body of the inflatable fender is wrapped by a tire chain mesh sheath, which protects the body of the fender from being punctured by sharp objects. Scratches, drops, etc., thus increase the service life of the fender body.

Although the quality of marine pneumatic rubber fenders is very good, we will have to pay attention when using these fenders. After all, these products are very important to our Ships and they play a very important role in safety.

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