Marine anchor chains maintenances
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Marine anchor chains maintenances

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Marine anchor chains maintenances

Marine anchor chains maintenance

Marine anchor chain maintenance can ensure the normal operation of hoisting machinery, ships and other industrial equipment. So it is important to maintain the anchor chains. !

At the beginning, when using the anchor chain, it should be checked frequently to ensure that the chain wheel is installed on the shaft without deflection and shaking. If there is any improper situation, it is necessary to correct it immediately. Check the tightness and looseness of the anchor chain properly, and make sure to adjust it properly immediately. The chain should be properly tightened and loosen. If it is too tight, the power consumption will be increased, and the roller bearing is easy to wear; if it is loosen, the chain is easy to shake and fall off. If the chain is too long or flexed and stretched after application, it cannot be adjusted.

Secondly, the abrasion degree of the anchor chain should be checked frequently. One third of the upper and lower chain of the same anchor chain has obvious flexion and extension, and then it cannot be used. If the deformation and abrasion amount exceeds 10% of the original diameter, it cannot be used. After the anchor chain is seriously worn, the chain wheel chain and the new chain shall be removed and replaced, not just the chain wheel chain or the new chain wheel chain. In addition, the tail and the common end of the anchor chain should be replaced with the upper and lower left and right positions of each chain link in a planned way after one or two years' usage and the marks should be made again. In addition, it should be noted that the old chain of anchor chain cannot be mixed with a part of new chain; otherwise it is easy to cause damage and break the chain in the process of transmission device.

Finally, in the process of application, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of the anchor chain. When dropping the anchor, cannot stop the anchor dropping. When lifting the anchor, the anchor chain should be cleaned and cleaned up, and the dirt such as silt should be removed. Usually, the anchor chain should be kept dry, and it is not necessary to wash the starting point and the springboard into the chain store. In the first half of the year, we should check and arrange the anchor chain on the starting point and the springboard, Rust proof, paint and inspection shall be carried out, and the marks shall be kept clear and visible; in the application of anchor chain, lubricating grease shall be added immediately, and the lubricating grease shall enter into the mutual matching clearance between roller bearing and inner pad as far as possible, which is conducive to improving the work specification and reducing wear.


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