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Marine bollards

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Marine bollards

Marine bollards are also called guide piles, which refer to the piles that can be installed on the deck or wharf to collect and place the cables. They are generally made of metal casting and welding which are kind of ship equipment, so they are often used on the seashore, riverside, riverside, or deck. The maintenance and repair of mooring marine bollards must be taken care of. It is called "bollard" because it is necessary to tie the ship's rope to these bollards to direct the ship's direction. Generally, they are installed on the deck or on the wharf. According to different places, the weight of the bollards selected is also very different. Generally, the existing formats on the market include single and double marine bollards, vertical bollards, sheep horn bollards, etc. In fact, what we are concerned about is the foundation accessories of the pile, the production of marine accessories and the diameter of the cable

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