Three Reasons Of Marine Rubber Fender Damages
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Three Reasons Of Marine Rubber Fender Damages

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Three Reasons Of Marine Rubber Fender Damages

Reasons Of Marine Rubber Fender Damages

1. Marine overloaded

This kind of damage often occurs in rubber fender, especially some old rubber fenders, which often crack in the weak part of the structure. D-type and V-type fender are more common. The main reason for the cracking is that the kinetic energy of the ship is too large when hits the marine, which exceeds the load that the rubber fender can carry. The reason for the excessive collision kinetic energy of the ship is that the speed and angle of berthing are too large. Especially when the angle of berthing is large, the bow contacts the wharf and rubber fender before the middle of the hull, which causes the strong impact kinetic energy concentrated on one or several fenders and damages the rubber fender. In addition to the above reasons, there are also ships berthed larger than the design ship type and tonnage and the impact of wind and waves on ships.

2. Poor anchoring  

This has happened in all kinds of rubber fenders. The rubber fender is loosening, out of position, falling off into the sea and other abnormal phenomena. The main reason for this phenomenon is the poor technical condition of bolts or chains for anchoring fender, or the failure of maintenance, resulting in poor fixation of the rubber fender, which seriously affected the normal use of the fender. Although the replacement conditions are considered in the design of some anchor bolts, they are often not ideal in practical use. For example, V-shaped rubber fender anchor bolt is in the form of embedded bolt box. The original design intention is to facilitate the maintenance and replacement of anchor bolts, but in actual use, it cannot be replaced due to rust of iron parts, bolt deformation and other reasons, thus affecting the quality of rubber fender fixation, resulting in fender falling off and damage.

3. Friction damage

This situation generally occurs in the V-shaped and D-shaped fender. This fender is mainly damaged by angle dropping, cracking, surface abrasion, etc. The main reason for this kind of damage is that the friction between the rubber fender and the ship is too large. When the ship berths at a relatively high tangential speed, the contacted part of the rubber fender and the hull is forced to move forward together with the ship due to the excessive friction, resulting in the fender being damaged due to shear. In addition, during the mooring operation, the ship sometimes needs to move forward and backward, and the ship shakes left and right or up and down caused by waves and currents. In this case, when the friction coefficient between the ship and the rubber fender is greater than 0.4 (such as the tension of the mooring line is too tight), the fender may be damaged


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