Yacht Floating Dock Construction Factors
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Yacht Floating Dock Construction Factors

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Yacht Floating Dock Construction Factors

With the improvement of living standard, the equipment of scenic spots is becoming better. Yachts dock used to be rare, but now they can be seen in many scenic spots. For the yacht floating dock, there are different types of floating boats in different environments, which are suitable for scenic spots with large water level changes such as reservoirs. According to different water levels, the yacht docks can maintain a suitable height with the water surface, which is convenient for management.


Extending dock type is suitable for scenic spots with large water surface. It is a better way to save construction cost by directly extending the dock into the water without repairing the revetment, enlarging the stopping distance between the pool bank and the ship, and increasing the water depth. The dock shall be built in a place with convenient traffic, preferably close to the entrance and exit, with a conspicuous position


The water environment mainly refers to the size, water level and current situation, the large water surface should be set in the lake bay to avoid the impact of wind and waves, so as to facilitate the docking of ships; the small water surface should be selected in the relatively open place; the rapid flow should avoid the frontal impact of the river on the hull.


Yacht wharf dock should be located in the coastal area with beautiful natural scenery. Geological conditions, water quality conditions and wave conditions determine the feasibility of construction.


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